new lampshades

These are the first shots of our new product hanging around the studio. Next time, we'll show you pictures what they look like when lights are on!


window advertisement

Our studio is near a main road. We thought a little advertisement would be fun.

ps: you can see a glimpse of our latest product in the last photo... :)



Still working on our new product..... just some random shots around the studio. 


...in progress

The last few weeks we've been busy with a new project, consisting leather. The first prototypes are finished, and soon we will reveal our new products! 


colored wall

This wall is painted by Jan van der Ploeg. His color schedules and compositions are impressive.



Hella Jongerius

When I heard museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam exhibits Hella Jongerius's entire oeuvre, I immediately got excited and visited the exhibition Hella Jongerius - Misfit on it's first day. Hella Jongerius is one of my big inspirations for many years. I really like her vision and how she incorporates it in her work.

Check out this video about Hella Jongerius and if possible: visit the exhibition!

This is some of her work.

(photos by www.boijmans.nl)


the new studio!

This is our new studio we've recently moved into! Korte Voorhout 20, The Hague.  


ROLL #03

ROLL #03 is for sale at  HOOP,  Grote Marktstraat 10, The Hague. 



Somewhere in Paris, you can find a little shop with all these buttons. Pretty awesome don't you think?

de appel

De Appel is a theatre company from Holland. They have their own building and make great plays. Their logo and publications are also very good. Here's an example of how they use their signature. Very strong and reconizeable.



Patterns and original combination of patterns and colors are everywhere around us. Here are some square and rectangle dessins we spotted on streets.



A big parking located somewhere in Friesland. Straight to the point design. Nothing more, nothing less. 



Every now and then we'd like to visit industrial areas. We saw these boxes in Leeuwarden.
Random repetition of individuel items all together become such a beautiful composition.


pile up

We enjoy the colors, combination of patterns and the way these mattresses are piled up.



We just finished our project for interior & designstore KaDenz. Here are the pictures!



JMS stands for Jacoba Maria Studio. Jacoba Maria, also known as Coby Schepman, works as a ceramist and makes beautiful products. If you'd like to see her ceramics, click here to visit her website. Jacoba Maria also keeps up a blog and that's what we like to show you! JMS mostly blogs about her fantastic textile experiments and collages. 

These artworks are called input-output. They are very small (10cm x 10cm) and made with so much love, eye for detail and subtile colors and material. We love them!

(I'm very proud of you mom! x Amy)