This is what our stand looked like at the Dutch design fair Meesterlijk, last month. Here you can see our new collection leather bags and our new lamp design Fold, both for sale very soon in the shop!


back to work

We're back! Haven't been able to blog for a while, due to all 'Meesterlijk' - preparations the last weeks, or actually months!
But we've made it to the fair, exposed our work, had a lot of fun, met nice people, sold a lot of products, ...and much more. After a few days off and some good nights sleep, we are slowly getting back to work. And love to share a lot of Drops with you, for sale in the shop right now! Many more to come, and of course very very soon our newest lampshade design Fold, the geometric variant of Drop...


Finery collection now available in webshop

We'd like to share some exciting news with you; our Finery collection is currently online and available! We've been working on this for a while now and are very curious what you guys think of it. We would love to hear your thoughts! 

Visit our website or go straight to the store !



One of my dearest friends has send me such an awesome postcard. It's designed by Sanna Annukka . I really like the illustration, but I especially like the contrast between the shiny, golden globe and the recycled background material. 
Thanks Jenneke, you're a sweetheart! x Amy



Somewhere in the centre of Rotterdam, we crossed this building. The colorpalette of this building is amazing and all the materials work so good together. The streets can be very inspiring from time to time!



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We have some great news! 
AT will participate on Meesterlijk this september! Meesterlijk is a big fair for contemporary crafts and design. Visitors can talk in person with the creators and can purchase products directly as well. 
Our own stand will show the current collection plus some new designs we are developing. 
We are very excited! This will be the first time we go public, so thumbs up people like our work!
Check out the website of Meesterlijk here.


little fellow

We met this little fellow at the entrance of the building where our studio is at. It was love at first sight!



IKEA made us want to buy sponges. Just because they look so cool together. Trapped again in their smart marketing.



Spotted this container on the street. Great colors, great material, great structures and great pattern. Such an inspiration!


Lately we've been busy documenting Splinter , it's a unique material designed for various interior applications, such as window panels, panel curtains and roomdividers. Each design will be custom made to one's personal wishes. Also, there are many different colour and style-options to choose from.  



We just bought these little notebooks to organize our thoughts and activities. But now, because we really like their simpleness, cleanliness and freshness, we actually prefer to keep them like this....

(for sale at Dille & Kamille )


Interesting structures and shapes always catch our eye, especially in all shades of white.



Currently we're documenting our designs. Here are the results of Drop
We had a great time during this photoshoot and experienced a lot of fun while creating/styling our own products. Definitely going to do this more often! 

photography and styling by AT.



This is a spanish (but english written) magazine we just discovered. It's called Apartamento. It comes out twice a year and contains great design, good photo's, interesting interviews and amusing stories. All about interior, lifestyle and everyday life. Go check it out!



Sometimes you suddenly see the beauty of a daily product. These mints and their packaging have such an excellent design.