We just finished our project for interior & designstore KaDenz. Here are the pictures!



JMS stands for Jacoba Maria Studio. Jacoba Maria, also known as Coby Schepman, works as a ceramist and makes beautiful products. If you'd like to see her ceramics, click here to visit her website. Jacoba Maria also keeps up a blog and that's what we like to show you! JMS mostly blogs about her fantastic textile experiments and collages. 

These artworks are called input-output. They are very small (10cm x 10cm) and made with so much love, eye for detail and subtile colors and material. We love them!

(I'm very proud of you mom! x Amy)



A few days ago this piece of textile art came across my path. I couldn't resist buying it. Not only because the gorilla is a little funny and a little freaky, but especially because how it's made. This artwork is 80 cm x 115 cm. Thousands of silver yarn stitches, thick black stitches, sequins and other material are probably constructed by sewing machine and by hand! I also love the contrast and combination of materials. 

The gorilla is made by Lydia Luyten in 1974. Lydia Luyten was a member of art society De Bange Duivel from Leiden, The Netherlands. 

The back is also very cool!