Here's a little selection buildings with some outstanding colors and combinations of colors.

Wonder why most of our houses and buildings are so dreary. Shouldn't we take these buildings above as an example?



Laying on the couch with a blanket in the evening, watching tv, doesn't really make us feel useful.

We did find ourselves a good excuse to not feel guilty. We are crocheting some very useful lampshades now.

Interested anyone?


rubber bands

Rubber bands are very useful and basic products. By using hundreds of them together, they could be very decorative too! Would be nice to combine those two characteristics in one design.

Old and new

Finally we've moved into our new studio! We are so happy that we're able to work again, and this time in a brand new inspiring studio! This is what the old studio looked like once our stuff was gone....

And this is the new studio before the make-over...

And this is the result. All fresh, white and inspiring. Here we can start with a clean slate!