These are the concept photo's of Carry. Simple, fresh and a little funny. We really like the photo's, how about you?

The bags our now available in our webshop. Check it here!

ziplock bag

Getting the finery collection ready to ship and sell. 
We are really fond of ziplock bags and love packaging. Packages finishes and professionalizes products and it is so nice to design and make. 


These are shadows of our finery collection. We presented this collection on a table with glass on top. When the lights we on, this came up. Looks beautiful, doesn't it? Some inspiration to design patterns and dessins.

dot 1.1

Dot 1.1 earrings. Stock to sell some of these cute little earrings at the fair and in our webshop!


To invite a select group of people to our stand at the Woonbeurs / Meesterlijk and let them know we are around and make nice products, we made some special invitations. We used postcards of our products, made a nice package of them and pinned two dot 1.1 earrings in the last one. Some packages only had one dot 1.1. earring, so that they had to visit our stand to get the other one during the fair. After that we wrapped the package and used a fluorescent orange envelope to get noticed in their mail.
We had some very nice responses!